Thursday, April 28, 2011

Debt and Security

With the national debt growing with no sign of slowing, will it become a top security threat to this country?

The U.S. is increasingly borrowing more and more money every day to cover its expenses and obligations to the American people. A large portion of that money is being borrowed from other countries whom we do not have the best ties with. China is our largest creditor to date and they are also our largest trading partner.

When your retailer starts lending you money to buy their products, the retailer becomes the dominant one of the two. China holds nearly a trillion dollars of our debt.

Is our debt becoming the single biggest national security threat to our country? Well if you take into consideration of all the money we owe several countries and our own citizens, then the answer is a solid yes. Debt can be a good thing as it can keep a counrty running when in an emergency. But when you dig deeper in debt year after year just to pay the light bill, then red flags should start to wave.

The debt affects everyone. When the debt bubble bursts then all of us will feel the pain. And this pain will last a long time. Being the most powerful nation in the world, there would be no one to bail us out. Our collapse would cause a domino effect to the majority of the world's economies.

Just remember, we can change our course. All it takes is a vote.

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